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Full satisfaction guarantee provided:
The mix is done when everyone is happy!


It’s a good idea to book your mixing well in advance.
Contact us now so we can discuss your project, timetables, references etc.


Usually, an album mix (10-13 songs) takes 2-4 weeks to completion, depending on the complexity of the material. We like to stick to this time frame as much as possible, as it keeps things rolling along nicely. During this time we provide *unlimited revisions* (within reason),
until You are fully satisfied with the mix. However, depending on our booking schedules, we cannot necessarily guarantee a specific date for your mixing deadline. Naturally, we will try to accommodate your wishes and timetables.

References to other songs for ideas and specific sounds are welcome.

We will send out mp3’s for listening versions. Once the mix is finished and payment is received fully, we will send out the files as Wav / Aiff (format as per requested) to the client or to the mastering service. We provide with one extra revision for final adjustments after billing.




All our prices and invoices are in EUR.


Invoice is sent out once the mix is finished and accepted by the client, with a 7 day payment period (overdue fine 11 %).
Files are sent out after payment is received fully. We will provide you with all the necessary information on our invoice.
You can also pay with credit or debit card with PayPal. Other means of payment: please contact.



Please note that these are suggestions and things that we’ve found helpful to make everyone’s life a bit more easier
and projects more manageable. They are not required (though preferred) for mixing – we will do our best in any case.



  • Make sure your recording levels don’t clip (not too “hot”) but also not too quiet. If in doubt, use conservative levels.

  • Samples from your drum kit(s) can be helpful during the mix

  • Recording the DI signal from guitars and bass is always a good practice: this way we have a backup ready if re-amping is needed.

  • If you have keyboards/synths/VSTi’s, please include MIDI files/tracks if possible.

  • Please don’t use any effects on tracks, unless it is an integral part of the sound (ie. wah-wah on guitar).
    In that case, please provide both effected and “clean” tracks.



The more work you put into recording your songs, the better the mix will be.

“Fix it in the mix” can be an expensive challenge! It is helpful to keep in mind from the very start the type of sound you are going for.
If we feel your tracks would benefit from re-recording (for example guitar re-amping), we will discuss this with you before mixing.



Sending material

  • Please use WeTransfer (or similar) to send your files to us. It’s easy and fast.
    You can also provide us with links to Dropbox (or similar) services. Please do not send any files with email.


  • Files accepted: Wav / Aiff or Pro Tools session files (Pro Tools 12 and earlier). Other formats – please ask first before sending.

  • File format: 24 bit / 44.1kHz, other formats possible.

  • If you send just the audio files, make sure ALL files / tracks start from the beginning of the session, so they will line up perfectly and in their correct positions.

  • Please “clean up” session files before sending them, ie. delete all unused files/regions and unused playlists etc. and consolidate regions.

  • Please use sensible naming on tracks / files, ie. don’t use just “audio01.wav” etc. Use names like “Snare_top”, “guitar left”, “Vocals – lead” etc., this way the files stay in order and it’s easier to locate them and their role in the mix. The naming is up to you, just use common sense.

  • Also please provide band / project name, song names, tempo (bpm) and other info you feel necessary. Include these as a text file with the tracks.

  • Pack files with ZIP or RAR for easier handling (less possibilities for errors during transfer).
    Name the packed file “client name_project/song”, for example: “Led Zeppelin_Immigrant”.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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